1.                              Council Sections        1-12

i)                    Bill Office                                                                                                                        

ii)                  Interpreters’ Section                                                                                                        

iii)                Legislative Section                                                                                                           

iv)                Lobby Office                                                                                                                   

v)                  Notice Office                                                                                                                   

vi)                Question Branch                                                                                                              

vii)              Reporters’ Branch                                                                                                            

viii)            Table Office                                                                                                                     


2.                              Committee Sections

a)                  Standing Committee Sections                                                                                               13-24

i)                    Committee Section (Subordinate Legislation)                                                                 

ii)                  Committee Section (Petitions)                                                                                         

iii)                Committee Section (Govt. Assurances)                                                                           

iv)                Committee Section (COPLOT)                                                                                       


b)         Department Related Committee Sections

i)                    Committee Section (Commerce)                                                                                      

ii)                  Committee Section (H&FW)                                                                                           

iii)                Committee Section (Home Affairs)                                                                                 

iv)                Committee Section (HRD)                                                                                              

v)                  Committee Section (Industry)                                                                                         

vi)                Committee Section (PPG)                                                                                               

vii)              Committee Section (S&T)                                                                                               

viii)            Committee Section (T&T)                                                                                               


c)         Other Committee Sections                                                                                                    49-57

i)                    Committee Co-ordination Section                                                                                   

ii)                  Committee Section (Ethics)                                                                                             

iii)                Committee Section (MPLADS)                                                                                      


3.               Members Services Sections               58-76

i)                    Conference & Protocol Section                                                                                       

ii)                  M.A Section                                                                                                                     

iii)                M.S&A Branch                                                                                                                


4.                  Establishment and Administration Sections

i)                    Establishment (A/Cs) & Budget Section                                                                   

ii)                  Establishment (G) Section                                                                                               

iii)                Finance Cell                                                                                                                     

iv)                G.A. Section                                                                                                                    

v)                  Pay & Accounts Office (Accounts Section)                                                                    

vi)                Audit Section (P&AO)                                                                                                    

vii)              Personnel Section                                                                                                             

viii)            Sales & Archives Section                                                                                                 

ix)                Stores Section                                                                                                                  



5.                  Editorial and Translation Service                                                                                                                                                      104-112                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

i)                    Digitization and Hindi website Updation Cell                                                                

ii)                  Editing (English) Section                                                                                                 

iii)                Editing (Hindi) Section                                                                                                   

iv)                English Debates Section                                                                                                  

v)                  Rajbhasha Prabhag                                                                                                           

vi)                Synopsis Section                                                                                                              

vii)              Translation Section-I                                                                                                        

viii)            Translation Section-II                                                                                                      

ix)                Translation (Committee-I) Section                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

x)                  Translation (Committee-II) Section                                                                                                                                       

xi)                Translation (OIH) Section                                                                                               


6.         Library, Reference, Research, Documentation & Information Service

i)                    Media, Education and Audio-Visual Unit                                                                      

ii)                  General Research Unit, Publications and Who's Who Unit,

Library and Reference Unit, Research Unit-I, Research Unit-II,

Research Unit-III and Research Unit-IV


7.         Parliament Security Service                                                                                                                  


8.        Other Sections                                                                                                                                   113-134                                                                                                                                              

i)                    Distribution Branch                                                                                                         

ii)                  IT Sections (Hardware & Software)                                                                                

iii)                O&M Section                                                                                                                   

iv)                Printing Section –I                                                                                                           

v)                  Printing Section –II                                                                                                         

vi)                RTI Cell                                                                                                                           

vii)              Recruitment Cell                                                                                                              

viii)            Training Cell                                                                                                                    

ix)                Welfare Unit                                                                                                                    


Officers responsible for supply of the Annual Action Plan

Sh. Girija Shankar Prasad, Joint Director
Tel : 23035428

O&M Section
Tel: 23035578