PARLIAMENT HOUSE ANNEXE

                                                                                                                       NEW DELHI


                                                                                                             Dated the 24th November, 2009 




Subject :          Procurement Procedure and Delegation of Financial Powers. 

            In supersession of the existing order issued vide Office Order Part I No.  2/2000-Personnel dated 23/5/2000 and as amended from time to time, it has been decided to delegate financial powers to officers in this Secretariat to the extent as indicated in Annexure-I to this Order in respect of various items of expenditure detailed therein.

2.         The exercise of these powers is subject to the observance of the provisions contained in General Financial Rules (Relevant extract of GFR is given in Annexure-II) and any other instructions of the Ministry of Finance which are adopted by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat from time to time. In particular, the following conditions, apart from those mentioned against individual items in the Annexure-I, shall be observed in exercise of delegated powers. 

(i)         No expenditure on any item shall be sanctioned unless budget provision, therefore, has been made.

(ii)        Tenders and quotations for procurement of goods shall be invited/processed on each occasion as per Rules 135 to 162 of GFR (2005). Brief details are given below:-

Price Range


(i)  Not more than Rs. 15,000/-

Through direct purchase as per provision of Rule 145 of GFR (2005)


(ii) Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/-

Through Purchase Committee as per provision of Rule 146 of GFR (2005)


(iii)       Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. 25,00,000/-

Through Limited Tender Enquiry as per provisions of Rule 151 of General Financial Rules. Tender should also be published on the Secretariat’s website.


(iv)       Rs. 25,00,000/- and above

Through Open Tender by advertisement in the Indian Trade Journal (ITJ) and at least in one National Daily and as per provisions of Rule 150 of GFR (2005). A complete bidding document should also be published on the website of the Secretariat.



(iii)       Procurement of services/outsourcing of services will be processed as per Rule 163 to 185 of GFR.

(iv)       For ensuring that the purchase/procurement of goods and services are carried out diligently there shall be Purchase Committees as indicated in Annexure-III of this Order.

3.         In respect of purchases for which rate contracts have been prescribed by the Central Purchase Organization (i.e. DGS&D), those rate contracts should be followed to the maximum possible extent.  Moreover, to the extent possible, purchase should be made from suppliers registered with the Central Purchase Organization.

4.         All items of handspun and handwoven textiles (Khadi goods) can be purchased from Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC) or the notified handloom units of ACASH (Association of Corporations and Apex Societies of Handlooms) without inviting quotations. 

5.         Where, however, decision is taken for recorded reasons to purchase an item of particular brand or make, the purchase shall be made, as far as possible, directly from the   manufacturer   or   the   authorized  dealer   at    the  listed/ quoted  price   of   the manufacturer.  Such requests shall be carefully examined to see if such specified brand in stores could be procured at competitive prices by inviting quotations with similar specifications, to the users satisfaction.

6.         In respect of items of recurring nature, such as repairs and maintenance contracts etc. annual rate contracts shall be entered into, if the estimated value of such contract, based on the orders placed in the previous year, is expected to exceed Rs. 20,000/-.

7.         In respect of items for which the Annexure prescribes an annual limit of financial power under any category, a Control Register shall be maintained to record the sanctions and progressive expenditure there against.

8.         Each Branch shall maintain a Register of Sanctions issued, wherein all sanctions to expenditure shall be recorded indicating the items to be purchased, name of the authority who sanctioned the purchase, date of sanction, amount sanctioned, date of procurement of the material and date of dispatch of the bill to the Estt. (A/cs) & Budget Section for payment.

9.         Sanctions for expenditure shall be recorded in the files under the signature of the officer competent to sanction the expenditure indicating the item number of delegation of financial powers from which the powers are derived.  At the time of forwarding the bills for payment, the name of the authority sanctioning the expenditure, the date of sanction, amount sanctioned and the file number in which the sanction has been accorded, shall be indicated in the bill or in the covering certificate. 

10.       All items that are purchased shall be entered into the appropriate stock account and the bills shall have a certificate clearly indicating the page number, item number etc. of the Stock Register under the signature of the Executive Officer before these are passed for purchase.

11.       Financial Adviser should be consulted in all proposals of purchases and contracts above Rs. 1 lakh and where there is a difference of opinion between concerned Divisional Head and Financial Advisor, orders of Secretary-General be taken.


3.         Residuary financial powers, i.e. financial powers in respect of items not covered by the Annexure, shall be exercised by the following officers to the extent indicated against them and exercise of such power shall be subject to the general conditions specified above :-



Financial Powers

Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary (incharge of Personnel)


Rs. 1 lakh/ Rs. 5 lakhs



Rs.  10 lakh



Full Powers


4.         A quarterly statement for the quarters ending 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December, shall be sent by each branch by 15th of the month following the quarter in respect of the sanctions issued by the Branch to the Secretary-General for his information and a copy thereof furnished to Estt. (A/cs) & Budget section and Pay & Accounts Officer.




                                                                                                                          (S. RANGARAJAN)

                                                                                                                        DEPUTY DIRECTOR



            All Officers/Sections/PSs/PAs etc. & Pay & Accounts Office, Rajya Sabha

            Office Order Book


Copy for information to,


1.      OSD (G) to the Hon’ble Chairman.

2.      PS to Secretary to Vice-President of India and Chairman, Rajya Sabha.




                                                                                                                          (S. RANGARAJAN)

                                                                                                                        DEPUTY DIRECTOR